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Hi, my name is Philipp. I'm a 19 year old self-taught blockchain developer from Austria. I've been interested in blockchains since 2016, when I still was only 13 years old. Recognizing the potential of this phenominal technology, I've started to learn coding Blockchain-Apps back in 2020. Since mid 2022 I'm working as a full-time freelancer building Blockchain-Apps for people from all around the world.

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NFT Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace allowing users to buy/sell NFTs using regular ETH and ERC20 tokens. The marketplace is managed by a DAO and its governance token holders.


A decentralized exchange where users can swap between MATIC and ERC-20 tokens. The exchange is managed by a DAO and its governance token holders.


Borderless USD Savings Accounts for emerging market retail savers on the blockchain. Aspan brings financial stability to Central Asia by solving the issue of high inflation rates.

Coming soon:


AI powered Smart Contract Auditing tool. Turtleshell aims to provide affordable audits for low-budget web3 projects, thereby raising the overall security of the web3 ecosystem.

Coming soon: MintMimic

Automated copy-minting platform to allow users to copy mint transactin of well-known wallets.

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